Roper - brake systems parts


Comapny JLK is exclusive distributor products of the brand's ROPER® were first offered in the Polish market in 2006. Initially offering a range of 70 brake discs and drums. Systematic development allowed us to achieve the level of assortment in 20 times bigger. At this moment we have over 1,500 references, including more than 600 discs and brake drums, 474 brake pads, 142 brake shoes and 225 brake kits for caliper and novelty in our offer - brake cable 21 items.


Our suppliers are global producers who meet the most stringent standards in production. All brake pads that we propose under the ROPER brand have the European ECE R90 homologation, which informs about a very high standard of these goods, and our customers can be sure of the reliability, durability and performance of ROPER brand goods. The level of the average annual number of complaints in relation to the sold goods is below 0.5%, which proves the high quality of goods.


Thanks to our marketing and pricing policies, ROPER® products are much in demand in Poland, where the ROPER® brand has successfully attracted many regular customers over more than ten years of its presence on the market. We are currently working to develop our foreign sales to expand our operations into markets outside Poland, both in the the East and the West. The rapid expansion of the ROPER® brand is attributable to fast-growing sales of the products and to our customer base of both retail and wholesale customers.


Our customers can choose the packaging for the requested products. We can pack our products in both white and coloured boxes. Custom-made packaging (boxes) with the customer’s logotype and custom labels are also available.


In stock in our warehouse we keep about 100,000 items, including 30,000 discs and drums,  35,000 brake pads and 40,000 brake kits for caliper . The whole range it is stored on 600 square meters of high-storage warehouse space.


Our clients are mainly shop and wholesale automotive , scattered all over Poland and abroad - for example, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine.


We are open to cooperation with:
shops, online trading platforms, wholesalers and distributors of automotive parts.

Currently, our range of ROPER® products includes:
- more than 619 brake discand drum items

- as well as 474 brake pads

- 142 brake shoes

- 21 brake cable ( new goods in our offer )

- 225 kits for brake caliper ( screws, guide pin, rubber, piston etc. )